Pointless Colour-selector (cause some people just don't like orange):  
  J!NX Glog - great HD video from the TRS/iFanboy/J!NX '09 Comic-con party (2009 08 07):  I pop up in front of Johnny Johnny at 01:22.
  Totally Rad Show at Comic-con (2009 07 27):  You can see me in the audience a few times near the beginning - good shot around 04:15 when they pan the crowd.
  The Game Watch (2009 06 17):  introduction inspired by a comment I made; also, at 03:47 they say how much they love me
  robotdrummer.tumblr.com (2008 04 15):  my go at colouring in Bryan Brinkman's drawing of a robot
  LIVE!  From the Future on theStream.tv (2009 03 31):  episode in which Doctor Tiki calls me a "super fan" somewhere around 30:32
  Schmap San Diego Guide uses a photo I took at the City Delicatessen (2008 12 05)
  Lo-ResTV (2008 10 30):  don't say anything, but in at least 3 shots of this PCPGH3 bit
  Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 VIPs List on Justin Kownacki (Something to Be Desired - creator)'s blog (2008 10 15)
  Totally Rad Show at Comic-con (2008 07 29):  Look for me in the crowd in the opening.
  Tiki Avengers Theme Song (2008 07 11):  I do the spoken part at the beginning!
  My Napkin Confession on WaltRibeiro.net (2008 06 22)
  On alanataylor.com, waiting for the subway (2008 04 26)
  Buckley's Commercial Audition from BadTasteTour.ca (2007 03 02):  preserved for the ages la YouTube
  Performing with Coffee Sandwich (2006 08 24):  holding the bass for Dillon for a song where he plays both it and the guitar at the same time
  On CollegeHumor with Dustin Diamond (2003 05 15):  I'm the one with the pixelated face.

  Encyclopedia Obscura:  hasn't been updated since like 2004, but still some good reads.
  Find Waldo:  Where's Waldo?  Right here! - Your official dashboard to Waldo on the web
  HarpTabs.com:  harmonica tabs
  Lamont's Rules of Jen:  Some wise fellow named Lamont wrote the rules the world should live by.
  VGMusic - Video Game Music Archive:  pretty much every song from every game for every console ever

  Photoshop:  Torn Paper
  You Suck at Photoshop:  Most entertaining and surprisingly informative photoshop tutorials I've seen

  ExtraTasty!:  Tell it what booze you've got and it'll show you what to make with it!
  Figlet Server:  ASCII Art Font Generator
  Guitar Pro:  Upload midi files and transfer them into sheet music, guitar tabs, or keyboard/fretboard guides.  I use this to figure out songs on the harmonica, and for the built-in guitar tuner.
  Linux System Rescue Cd:  Great tool for system setup.
  Smush it:  Mass optimize your images all at once with no change to look or visual quality
  The START Natural Language Question Answering System:  I still love this thing!
  TVUPlayer:  Watch TV channels from all over the world live over a broadband connection
  WorldLingo:  Online text/website translators
  Zamzar:  Convert anything to anything


J Brain Gravy
Best podcast out there!
J Tiki Bar TV
Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad
J Should I Drink That?
Even if it's crap, they drink it so you don't have to.
J Tiki Avengers
Web comic by Pete Allen (baked pajamas) based on the Tiki Bar TV podcast
J Space Shed
Subscribe on iTunes or else they'll send the robot!
J Artifishall
Podcast by Zach Chisholm of Ifdakar
J After Judgement
The End of the World Begins Again...
J Hurtling through Space at an Alarming Rate
Mike Davies Jr. & Stuart Paap are... HtSaaAR!
J The Wrestling Mayhem Show
LIVE Tues.'s 8pm EST
J Amtrekker
Brett has a list and he isn't going home until everything's crossed off.
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Machinema sitcom in the City of Heros engine by LizzieLizzie
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A James Z. Feng documentary on MMA, co-produced by Seher Basak
J The High Tower
Grey Sand Entertainment Presents... Keelhauler's Movie Project!
J Soapbox Comedy
6 words:  DEFTSR.
and if you're into video games, check out The Game Watch
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Coming to DVD in 2010
J The Movie Watch
"a place for people who love watching movies"
J My Life as a Foodie
Phil shamelessly pays tribute to his obsession with food.
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Trevor Cox & Dillon Fuerth
J Crossworm
the music of Johnny Cross
J For Orchestra
"Guilty Pop Pleasures arranged... FOR ORCHESTRA!"
J Your Daily Music Lesson with Walt
Participate!  7-8pm EST Mon-Fri + Your Weekly Lesson on Rev3
J The 49th Parallel
a show for the informed information junkie
J Put It in your Ears
immature humour in downloadable form
J ChrisLincoln.org
@Johnny_Linkss dad, author of the Billy Bones series 1, 2
J InSprite Call Centres
retired webcomic about Sydney telemarketers
J Debron's Wand Shoppe
"for the witch and wizard in all of us"
J Lushpad
The Buy & Sell Marketplace for Modern Collectors
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Once there was a girl...
J The Size of Life
lifestyle news and reviews for the big and tall man
J VancouverIAM
Video journalism site my friend Becky reports for!
J Zombie Defense Network
preparation for the coming zombpocolypse from the promoters of
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